Mariette Ham - Testimonials

"Mariette's approach was amazing. She supports your leaning with clear instructions and she gives her full attention to everybody's needs. You will really master these processes during the workshop. Much appreciated." Marc Noelen, Osteopath

“As a bowen therapist working with people’s bodies, aches and pains, I could not ignore the body mind connection. Therefore enrolled to the basic and advanced course. The technique itself is very good because it allows me to go to the root of the problem and because it is fast, I can easily apply in any situations. It saves years of psychology” Andrea Reder, Bowen therapist

“Psych-K is an excellent technique to work with, it is easy and super fast! The way the workshop is setup, it should be okay and recommendable to do both basic and advanced back to back. Mariette is an excellent teacher and she facilitates the workshops perfectly! Amazing days!” Synnove Skjeldal

"This is the best gift I ever received in my life. It created major shifts, personally and professionally. What a difference!" Marianne Franssens

"In my coaching practice I mainly work with 6-month coaching processes in which I provide personal assistance to my clients. In this process I use the various tools that I have acquired in recent years. PSYCH-K is part of that. When I notice that someone sticks in old patterns and beliefs, I apply a PSYCH-K balance. The result is then almost magical; sometimes it even surprises myself as a coach. All of a sudden the barriers that existed before no longer seem to outweigh what my customers really want and they suddenly take the steps they didn't get to do before. Time and time again I find it amazing how things quickly transform when using PSYCH-K." Anja Pairoux, Personal coach, expert in newly formed families, author of the book "Je wist waar je aan begon"

"Many courses promise you have the wisdom in yourself. For the first time now I experienced that indeed I can find all the answers within myself through getting access to the subconscious. Very special." Desiree

"Over the years I have developed my own methodology for leadership and Life coaching through insights at a deeper level. To unlock the essence, I mainly investigate with the coachee the 'why' of things, including via Theory-U. In addition, I use PSYCH-K, for example if there are blocking beliefs that we can not discover or change in the conversation. Or as a completion, to investigate whether a new insight is really anchored." Hilde Deman

"During the workshop I made an exercise about finding my ideal job. After a week I had a contract! Everything in my life falls into place." Hilde


Panda Chi - Path of Tao testimonials


Mai Harper - Testimonials

“Mai's yoga practice is - fluent / flow and sweet - Her yoga Journey to mindfulness is easy to adopt. She gave me some recommendations I found right on the point. I find her style unique in the way that it feels very natural and relaxing, even the most athletic movements, feel fluent and smooth. I am always looking forward to keep increasing my yoga practice with her. She makes me feel restored without making me sleep. Being here and now and have soft movements works better for me.” Mafa

Mai is an amazing teacher! I loved her class because, I felt it was for all levels, so anyone can join! Was a great way to start the day. Would love to come back!” Anete

“I enjoyed Mai's yoga.  I found it to be appropriate for all levels of practice.  She was challenging enough for advanced practitioners, but also kept the pace comfortable enough for beginners.” George


Vivia de la Chesnais & Chateau de LaSalle - Testimonials

“Dear Vivia, It is very difficult to sum up in words what we experienced during the workshop. You managed to create a really safe space for a group of strangers to come together and produce some extraordinary work. I know how hard you worked to make this possible and it was very much appreciated. I wish you all the best and hope we meet again! “ Matt

“Vivia, thanks, l  had a wonderful time / experience  with you and your family. I am still telling people about the experience we all had at your ancestral home! Hopefully we'll all return next year! l found myself continuing Tai Chi in the Swiss mountains. Love from sunny Goa.” Chris

“Dear Vivia, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your work, guidance and generosity during the workshop. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly made the workshop such an extraordinary experience, and it doesn't really matter, but I know that you had a very major role in its success. From the beginning of the application process to our good-byes when you referred to the workshop as a "lifeshop," you seemed to manage everything with a light and flexible touch.” Barbara

"I have the good fortune to travel the world, and last summer I had the pleasure of spending time at Chateau de LaSalle for a workshop hosted by Vivia de la Chesnais.  It was the most pleasant experience.  Vivia provided all the essentials needed, everything from a comfortable leisure space, to the most magnificent vegetarian meals. My experience spent in France was one I will look back on with fondness for the rest of my life, thanks to Vivia and Chateau de LaSalle." George