I founded Feedback For Life in 2015 after years of chronic stress, which eventually had me battling thyroid issues, benign tumors, pre-diabetes, inability to keep weight off, anemia… Everything felt wrong, but the biggest one for me was not having any energy. I had always known myself with an abundance of energy and suddenly found myself not being able to do basic things. My first place of healing started with foods, things were getting better. I received my Nutritional Coach Diploma in 2015 from the Irish institute of Nutrition and Health. But soon realized it wasn’t enough, eating organic nutritious anti-inflammatory foods was great at keeping illnesses at bay, but it wasn’t solving the root issue, which was stress caused by emotions and limiting beliefs.

I had this vision, that I wanted to get together with all types of alternative health practitioners to help people with a variety of health issues, find what works for them. I am very aware that we are all very different, and that what worked for me might not work for the next person, working together with a wide network of different methods is a key part of this project. Healing naturally or helping create the right mindset to heal has become a real passion of mine. It is my mission to spread the knowledge and prevent illnesses and bring a certain ‘joie de vivre’ back in people’s lives.

Bio-release massage showed me how to detox from stress through touch and energy work. Panda Chi showed me how to enter deep states of meditation, that relaxed every muscle in my body and stayed relaxed for months after his course. Mariette Ham trained me as a PSYCH-K® facilitator, an incredible method of re-writing self-limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. This journey of discovery and optimal health is my life’s path and I greet it with joy. I have loved meeting all these fantastic beings and look forward to all the meetings of souls yet to come.

Vivia de la Chesnais


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Vivia de la Chesnais

Born in France 1981. Grew up between UK, France and Denmark.

Vivia is a nutritional Coach & PSYCH-K® facilitator as well as a bio-release practitioner.

Growing up with group therapy sessions going on all around her at chateau de LaSalle in the 80’s. Since, her grand-mother, mother and aunt were all founders of Biodynamic Psychotherapy and trainers to 1000’s of students. Becoming an official practitioner in bio-release as well as setting up retreats and workshops was a natural direction for Vivia to take.

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Panda Chi

Panda, from Chinese descent, was born in 1958, Vancouver Canada. Practicing Tai Chi from the age of 12. He incorporated Tai Chi’s main principle of non-resistance and his learnings from spiritual teachers who gave him an experience of innermost being…Soul-Realization. 

With a background of more than 40 years in the fields of Eastern Therapeutic Therapies and Self-Realization arts he has combined his personal awakenings and trainings to create a unique work that leads to transformation and Soul-Realization. He has taught for more than 26 years


Chateau de laSalle team

Run by Jessica de la Chesnais, A Social and Cultural Psychology major. Who used to work as a fashion stylist in London, as well as a management job at the google cafe. She realized after years of fast pace city life, this was not a place where she would achieve a deep state of well-being, which was her reason for studying psychology in the first place.

She is now based at Chateau de LaSalle, the family property that was left abandoned. Creating a space for people to gather and connect, practicing yoga and meditation.


Mariette Ham

Originally from the Netherlands. Mariette has been supporting people with their personal and professional challenges worldwide for over 40 years. From the beginning of her career she used different approaches of counselling and coaching.

Until challenges in her own life lead her to PSYCH-K. During her instructor training in the mountains of Crestone Colorado, taught by Rob Williams (the founder of PSYCH-K)  she finally connected to her inner freedom and added a lightness and ease to her life.

Today she uses PSYCH-K in collaboration with her other competences to facilitate people's own ability to better their personal lives and career goals by sharing very simple, easy and fun tools


Mai Harper

Originally from Brighton UK, Mai has been involved in yoga practice since her early 20’s. She developed a freedom and body awareness early in her practice. Yoga was a helpful and insightful part of her life, training to be a teacher was a natural progression.

Mai graduated from Tatjana Mesers Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Berlin in 2016 and has since been teaching Hatha at English Yoga Berlin regularly.

Her teachings are a non-judgmental practice of mindfulness and meditative yoga, which allows you to tune into your inner rhythm and restore.


Ebba Boyesen

Originally from Norway. Ebba has been training and supervising people around the world for over 50 years.

She is a Neo-Reichian Psychotherapist, who specialises in Transpersonal and Psychosexual Psychology as well as energy work. 

She is the co founder of Biodynamic Psychology as well as a trainer and supervisor for both ESBPE, the school of Biodynamic Psychotherapy in Germany and l'Ecole Biodynamique in France.