Type 2 Diabetes And The Importance Of a Healthy Lifestyle

Diabetes 2 is an autoimmune disease, which is caused by developing insulin resistance. In turn this causes High blood pressure, heart attacks and all sorts of other health concerns. It is true you might have a predisposition to diabetes if it runs in the family, but this does not mean you can't avoid it!

It is possible to keep Diabetes at bay by sticking to a healthy low carb diet and exercising daily.

The way it works; All sugars and carbohydrates get transformed into Glucose. This Glucose needs to get into our cells to be transformed into energy. In order to do that your pancreas needs to produce insulin that acts as a key unlocking the cell and letting the Glucose in. But if you are overloading your system with sugars & carbohydrates, your pancreas will struggle to keep up with the vast amounts of Glucose entering the body. It will try to keep up for a while but eventually it will get over worked and either pack it in altogether or just become very unproductive.

When this happens your glucose is either not entering the cells anymore or only entering them very slowly, and this causes the health problems.

If you are suffering from diabetes it's vital to cut out fast foods, sodas, processed & refined ready meals and opt for fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, grass fed meats. An easy rule to follow is to eat foods in their purest form and if you're not yet accustomed to 20 minutes exercise a day, start with a daily mindful walk, some stretches in the morning and 30 seconds of planking, everyone has 30 seconds to spare, it will build your core muscles and eventually you'll find you're able to exercise for longer, and more importantly you will want to! Hydration is also extremely important, 1.5-3 Liters of water a day, depending on how much you exercise. 

Symptoms include:

*Being constantly tired

*Frequent urination

*Blurred Vision

*Slow healing sores

*Weight loss

*Increased hunger

If you have any of these symptoms please consult with your GP.

Be aware that sometimes you won’t even have any symptoms. One way to know if you might be at risk for diabetes 2 is if you have more fat around the middle ie. An apple shaped body.

A diet where you curb the amount of sugar & carbohydrate can dramatically help your body to recover. A low carb diet means increasing both your protein and your fat intake.

In case you are still scared of fats: Eating fats WILL NOT make you fat. Provided it is good fat like olives, avocados, quality cold press oils. In fact they will increase your energy levels and lower your high blood pressure.

See example of a day’s Diabetes friendly diet high in fiber, protein and fat.